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TaTa Trot:My favorite team names


Saturday, I was at the TaTa Trot in Sumbury.

It was amazing to see nearly 1,800 people come together and support a good cause.

There were a number of team names that I thought were just so creative and fun for the day. Everyone pun was utilized and it was great.

Here’s some of my favorites, though everyone who was there is a winner in my book:

– Hakuna Ma TaTas
– Treasured Chests
– Boobzingas; with the slogan “Come for the breasts, stay for the brains.” As a Big Bang Theory fan, I loved it.
– Breast Friends

But like I said, every person there was a winner. I was honored to be a small part of it.



Oh, Lance.

I’ve spent the past couple of days talking to people about the saga that has become of Lance Armstrong’s life.

The conversation has raised some really interesting questions:

  • Does his doping negate his good work with cancer research?
  • Should we punish athletes for using PEDs?
  • If everyone’s doing it, how do you punish just the people you catch?

Here’s a sampling of the conversation from a Facebook post we had:


What’s your take? Let me know in the comments!