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Some cheer for your Thursday

It’s been pretty dark this week at the Daily Item – we’ve had a homicide in the city and it’s been a full-court press to make sure we’re keeping up with the news from that.

So I think we need something to just laugh a little at and make us smile and keep things in perspective.

I found this picture on the Huffington Post – and it shows that sometimes, things don’t go 100 percent your way:

a-CAKE-CUTTING-DISASTER-640x468Yup – that’s a real wedding picture folks.

But did the couple throw a really big fit? Nope. They trudged on, according to their wedding photographer:

“I’m sure many people in that room were waiting to see what Ken and Amanda’s reaction would be, but they kept it together beautifully!”

Good for them. And it goes to show that not everything is easy or always goes your way – but it’ll work out. You’re still surrounded by people who care and you’re still going to move on.

Happy Thursday everyone, and prepare for Friday!

Celebrating a Steeler birthday


Yesterday, I went to the Adam Smith awards lunch hosted by EconomicsPennsylvania. The organization has at least one very famous member – former Pittsburgh Steeler and two-time Super Bowl champion Andy Russell.

This was my first time meeting Mr. Russell, who is a big fan of the Susquehanna Valley and seems like a really fun guy.

Well, yesterday was also his 72nd birthday!

So we celebrated at the lunch as any fun-loving group would – with cupcakes!

And of course they were his favorite colors (and featured his favorite number!):

20131108-104855.jpgAnd though the cupcakes looked delicious, I didn’t get an opportunity to taste mine, since I saved it for the only person I know still willing to admit they’re a Steelers fan (just kidding, people!) – fellow reporter Evamarie Socha.

She was thrilled. Even though the cupcake couldn’t really, you know, help the Steelers actually win.

Anyway, have a great weekend guys!

Double birthday celebration – yay! (But not triple – Boo!)

20130717-090446.jpgYesterday was an important day in the Wislock family – My dad and I celebrated our birthdays during our annual double birthday celebration! Whoooo!

We each get our own cake, since my father is a little bit of a Grumpy Gus and wants his own cake. A mistake only made once, on my first birthday.

But it was a little disappointing that my sister, scheduled to have a baby any day now, did not give birth to my little niece yesterday (booo!).

But I figure as long as she has it this week, we can count is as a triple birthday extravaganza, right?!

So if you’re in the mood for cake, swing by Danville, we’ve got multiple! And happy birthday to everyone celebrating this week, definitely the best week to come into the world!