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Bonus Photos: GSVCC Awards Lunch

Yesterday, I attended the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce’s awards luncheon. I took lots of photos, some good, others not. Here’s some extras:



ATHENA Award winner Tere Rill




Shamokin Dam mayor receiving the Dan Foss Heritage Award.

Story goes Facebook viral

If there’s one thing I know about the news, it’s that people love restaurant news – what’s opening, what’s closing, what’s even thinking about opening a new location.

And now with social media, it’s even easier to get people the news they’re dying to know about.

Take, for example, a story that broke this week, that Texas Roadhouse is planning to take over the former Ruby Tuesday site in Hummels Wharf. I posted the story on Facebook, and it exploded. It got something like 150 likes.

But that’s not the most impressive stat.

Facebook metrics tracks a stat that indicates how many “shares” a story has. It shares this data on your newsfeed when you like a page to give you an idea of what people with similar interests are talking about. If there’s a really exciting story, sometimes it will have 200 shares.

Here’s the stats that popped up on my newsfeed Friday:

Untitled847?! Amazing!

Just goes to show you – sometimes it’s not the investigative, hard-hitting news people want to read…..it’s just as simple as checking zoning applications.


Do you know where your money goes?

With the Conneticut school shooting, one thing that seems to stick out is a focus on where our money is going.

People don’t want to be seen as supporting assault weapons and are moving their money out of companies associated with them.

But it’s not just investment money. Earlier this year, people were ceasing patronizing Chick-fil-A after controversial remarks by the company’s president.

So my question is: how much do you know about where your money goes? Do you track it?

Vote in my poll below or let me know in the comments!


This week in cool Valley restaurant news:

The Red Robin in the Monroe Marketplace got “ziosks” aka tablets which allow you to play games, listen to music, order food or pay your bill from your table.

It even prints your receipt!

Here’s my sister using it:


Our waitress said they Just got them Tuesday.

You have to pay for the games and extras, but even the regular features were cool.

Have you tried the Ziosks? What did you think?

Shopping local this Saturday? Let me know!

Looks like I’m going to be hanging around the Valley doing some coverage of Small Business Saturday this Saturday!

I’m pretty excited to see what the local businesses have to offer and talk to some people who come out to support them.

Where do you think I should go this Saturday? Let me know!

It’s a nation-wide event and people from all over are getting excited: