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Superheroes washing windows – for kids

A fabulous phenomenon came to Geisinger in Bloomsburg yesterday, when window washers dressed up as superheroes to wash windows to the delight of the children in the hospital.

It’s a nationwide special surprise for the children, and has been covered by many national media sources.

Photographer Rob Inglis got some photos of the action in Bloomsburg yesterday, here’s how it looked:


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Homage to the flooded Bloom Fair in mural – a sneak peek

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to hang out at the nearly empty Bloomsburg Fairgrounds to see what the fair has in store this year (though I won’t be able to make it there this year – boo!).

Anyway, I noticed something that really caught my eye – a mural showing the contrasting aspects of the fair – the dark night when the fair was cancelled in 2011 and it’s return to glory in 2012.

Workers were busily working on the mural outside the Industrial Arts building:


I remember when the fair was cancelled. I was devastated. It was truly a dark time in this area.

Fair president Paul Reichart said the mural probably won’t be completely finished by the start of the Fair on Sept. 21, but it looks like it’s going to be close.

I look forward to seeing it all done and celebrating many more fairs to come!