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Our own Royal Baby

While the world was waiting for the arrival of England’s new prince, in my family we were waiting for the arrival of our own little princess – Miss Leah Marie was born late last night and I think she’s just tops.

I’m so excited to be an auntie and I’m so thrilled that Leah has inherited her mother’s “get out of my space” attitude, as evidenced by the look on her face in all her debut photos.

She also weighed in at around 8 pounds – which is a weird coincidence.

In my opinion, her birth eclipses the Royal Baby’s, but you know, I might be biased.

Mazel Tov to all the families that gave birth yesterday!


Conestoga saga makes Jezebel

The saga that is the birth control mandate lawsuit for Conestoga Wood Specialties made feminist blog Jezebel, with an article talking about the for-profit companies that are fighting the birth control mandate.

Here’s Jezebel’s article, I pasted the text below. Just be aware before you read it/check out the full article that obviously, Jezebel has a feminist bias – just an FYI:

3. Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation

A Pennsylvania-based wood cabinet and specialty products manufacturer run by Mennonites who think some birth-control products such as Plan B are “sinful and immoral” and “an intrinsic evil and a sin against God.” The company employs 950 people who don’t all necessarily agree that they’re Satan incarnated.

Status? The court dismissed a motion for preliminary injunction, but the plaintiffs appealed to the Third Circuit in last month.

Here’s our previous coverage of the issue.

We’re currently waiting to hear what happens with Conestoga’s appeal. We’ll keep you posted at dailyitem.com!