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50 years of ‘Dream’-ing

Today is the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest speeches of all time – MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech.

Any time I think about Dr. King and his life, I think about the time I spent at the site of his death.

I lived in  Memphis for two years, and visited the site of the former Lorraine Motel – where King was gunned down by James Early Ray – three times. It was so harrowing to learn about King’s life, what he did in his last moments and what he fought for.

He was fighting for everyone – no matter what your gender, race, religion. And he struck some nerves – something that we have to remember we can’t be afraid to do.

Visitors to the National Civil Rights Museum, which stands on the former Lorraine site, can see the room he stayed in and the room his murderer stayed in and see how their paths tragically crossed.

If you ever get a chance, it’s a must-see historic place.

Being able to see that site will stay with me forever.  It is one of those place you can never forget and never should forget. Because what we forget, we are doomed to repeat.

Following Gettysburg action on Twitter

One of my biggest disappointments this week is that I can’t be in Gettysburg, enjoying the celebrations for the 150th celebration.

(I mean, in a way that’s OK, because I’m sure it’s crowded, but I’d still like to be there in the middle of it).

Anyway, despite being two hours away, it’s possible to still be in the middle of the action all through the help of social media.

People are tweeting up a storm from the battlefields, and here’s some of what they have to say:

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