Conestoga at the Supreme Court

g00025800000000000000ad924a9992e253d1998775477d86deb205ca28Yesterday, was the big Conestoga hearing in front of the Supreme Court. I followed along live and I have to say, there is more division in this topic than I anticipated.

We’re interested in this case due to the inclusion of Conestoga Wood Specialties, which has big facilities here in Snyder County.

Anyway, it’s so polarizing, I can’t say any one side was more represented in social media or in the protests outside the court.

We also asked on our Facebook page what they thought and got very similarly polarizing responses:

  • Erik Viker “These employers are resisting on religious grounds as self-described Christians. But they haven’t identified the specific religious writings that support their position, or explained why those scriptures must be so strictly followed by their company while less-convenient scriptures are ignored. It’s obviously not about faith, it’s about money.”
  • Stan Kohl “I hope Conestoga Wood Specialties wins this case. Not that I agree or disagree with their view – I just think it is time that the government stops trying to tell us everything we need to do. It was suppose to be ‘For the people’ and not to ‘Rule over the people.'”
  • Brynne Clawser “I think the employer should be able to say no for religious reasons. The government needs to stop forcing these things on us.”
  • Michael Doyne “I don’t now about this, but a corporation canont be a person. I pay taxes that fix roads all around the state. What if I only wanted to pay taxes just for the roads I drive on and demand a discount? What if I don’t drive, and don’t care about any of the roads and don’t want my money to go to pay for them. If the court favors the side of corporations, we will opening a whole new can of worms.What if a business doesn’t believe in blood transfusions or synthetic drugs due to religious beliefs? What religons will be recognized, what would corporations have to do to profess ‘their’ faith in order to get discounts. The USA is ranked #35 in health care, one of the reasons for this extremely low ranking is lack of a national health care plan. With the ACA, we could start to see a rise in the world ranking.”

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