Removing unhealthy ads from schools?

Anytime food and children’s health is in the news, it’s a hot topic and news about the new regulations on marketing in schools was no different.

People had a hey day and were all over our Facebook page with their opinions and remarks.

Here’s some of the top replies:

  • Matt Kitchen: I think it’s a bad idea for the government to try and regulate anything. After all, they can’t even regulate the government!
  • Brandy Carnahan: Absolutely! The constant temptation of an unhealthy diet is unreal, American obesity, CAD and diabetes are on the rise more and more, but all we see and all we can afford is unhealthy food. They should not only stop advertising it they should make it more expensive and healthy foods less expensive, it is ridiculous!!
    Erika Ann Shallenberger You are never going to stop people from eating what they want to eat. You want to restrict “unhealthy” foods? There are going to be a lot of people who either pack their lunches or just all together refuse to eat. Not to mention, the portions they feed kids in school now a days is a joke! A high school student only gets 4 chicken nuggets to eat.

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