Bloom police warn public about serial groper

I try not to do too many PSA’s here on the blog, but there is one I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention, going on in Bloomsburg.

A man has been preying on young women and groping them in public and now the police are asking for help in catching him.

If you see anything suspicious in Bloomsburg, please call police and stay safe!

Here’s the story:

A white man in his early 20s has groped eight collegeaged women in town since November, according to town police.

The fondler in each case has also been described as a being of average height and wearing a dark hoodie, town police Chief Roger Van Loan said.

“The contact is very brief,” he said. “There is no weapon displayed.”

The latest incident occurred earlier in February, near the intersection of Fourth and Chestnut streets, though the attacks have occurred “in different areas,” Van Loan said.

Based on victims’ reports, police believe the assailant waits for the victims to pass before he gropes, grabs or fondles them, Van Loan said.

“It appears he would wait for them,” he said.

Victims have either been walking alone or in groups of up to four.

“In the group of four, the others even believed it was somebody that the fourth person knew, but later realized it wasn’t,” he said.

The incidents date to No­vember, but some were not reported until much later, “anywhere from hours to weeks later,” Van Loan said. “That’s why it took us (some time) to realize that there was a pattern here.”

Now, the police department is hoping the public can help by reporting any suspicious activity and by women being more cautious, Van Loan said.

“We’re aggressively investigating this, but (women) just need to be aware,” he said. “If anybody sees anything suspicious, call us right away.”


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