Getting into the Halloween spirit

As promised, here’s some of the best of what photographer Rob Inglis and I saw yesterday at the Spirit Halloween store in Shamokin Dam.

Want to recreate Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s “performance” at the VMA’s? Even though it was only a couple months ago, there are costumes for that, people:


Here’s the zombie swing girl I mentioned yesterday. It was terrifying to see in action, trust me.  She sings this “La la la la……la la la…..” as she swings back and forth and turns her head.

It’s enough to scare me as we were all standing there in broad daylight in the middle of the store:


Another terrifying animatronic was a matching zombie boy eating a limb. Yes. Eating.

01180918.interactive.aAnd there are plenty more animatronics available to scare the pants off of you – in every shade of nightmare you could have.

I had no idea Spirit sold so many of them, but it was actually pretty cool to see, and apparently, they sell big time.

And finally, for those who do not want  to not terrify or scare anyone, if you’re just looking for a good time, the store had plenty of costumes available, including the popular Adventure Time ones.

GC3Kids, adults, mens, womens whatever, you can be your favorite cartoon character.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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