Dog dips are the new “thing”

It seems like the new “thing” to do with your pet are “doggy dips” or swims with your pooch.dsc_8366

I think it sounds fun – I mean, most dogs like to swim.

Lewisburg held one last week at their pool and Knoebels just hosted one too.

But the problem that faces me, as a dog owner who loves bonding with my animals, is: how do I get my dog off the couch (Coal, I’m looking at you) and how do I get them to play nice with the other dogs (Jezz, Snow – this is you).

I mean, maybe I’m a bad dog owner, but Coal enjoys eating, sleeping and pottying, usually in that order, not swimming, and Jezz doesn’t like any animals not named Snowball or Coal.

Look how nice these pups play together.

Look how nice these pups play together.

Snowball’s good with dogs larger than her, but once they get under 15 pounds, she feels jittery.

I think it’s us. We’re the problem. But then again, My fiancee’s dog goes into some kind of shock when you take her outside of the house for longer than five minutes, so maybe we’re OK after all. Other people go through this, right?

So … yeah. No dog dips at our house. Which is kind of depressing because I would like to enjoy a nice day out with the pups.

Oh well, I guess for now, I’m just stuck looking at these cute pictures and seeing other people enjoy a day out with their animals.

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