Mr. Ed on Route 220?!

If you’ve ever traveled Route 220 South between Bradford County and Route 180, you know the frustration of being stuck behind a truck.

There is literally no stretch of 2-lane road to be had. Sure there’s some “passing zones” but they are all situated so that you have to go into the other lane, and usually facing a curve, so you can’t pass anyway.

But yesterday, when I was traveling down the road behind a truck pulling a trailer – I didn’t mind.

Because in front of me was a sociable horse who greeted cars passing him and taking in the country air.

[NOTE: Don’t worry, this picture was taken as traffic was at a standstill in our direction]


I was disappointed when his person turned off the road. But I enjoyed my trip through the Endless Mountains with a horse I like to think was a newer Mr. Ed.

Have a great Monday, folks!


One thought on “Mr. Ed on Route 220?!

  1. Thanks for posting these thoughts. I trailer my horses to and from shows and it’s startling the lengths to which people will go to get around a horse trailer that’s already doing the speed limit. If the road is filled with curves, we have to slow down or give our horses whiplash. Many times there’s no safe place to pull off the road that’s wide enough for the trailer so we’re stuck on the road with the knowledge that there are irritated drivers behind us and we can’t do anything about it. Many people drive as if they are the most–or only–important person on the road. And some see us coming and, rather than be ‘stuck’ behind us, will pull out when we’re so close we can barely slow down enough to keep from running over them. Our horses are sometimes thrown around and injured when this happens.
    Thank you for being patient, enjoying your drive, and understanding that people pulling horse trailers have a life, a place they have to go, and a right to be on the road too. Hugs to you!

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