Yummy Yogurt coming to Lewisburg!

This morning, on my travels through Lewisburg, I passed This sign which made me so happy:


Sweet Frog is coming to Lewisburg! Yessss!

Let me explain, Sweet Frog is part of the latest dessert trend, the yogurt bar where you top your yogurt with all the toppings you want and pay by weight.

The toppings include just about anything you could want to put on yogurt, from gummies to candy to sauces.

My fiancé and I first tried one in Arizona and now we have my whole family hooked.

Now, I normally don’t get too hooked on trends, but I couldn’t resist this one, and am SO exited to see it hit the Valley.

One yogurt bar opened in Bloomsburg recently and now with this one, I’m hoping yogurt bars are here to stay!

Here’s to hoping Danville gets one next!

One thought on “Yummy Yogurt coming to Lewisburg!

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