‘Stories I’m sick of hearing about…’

Back – oh it had to be a year or so ago – my sister sat down at our mom’s house and while we were watching the news she stopped and said:

“Here’s the top five things I’m sick of hearing about…”

I can’t remember the whole list, but John Edwards was on it (his trial had just ended).

I feel like right now…..I’m going through a little bit of that. We’ve got some “buzz stories” in the national news that seem to be going around right now on an endless loop.

I think there’s a fine line between reporting the news and obsessing about something that really isn’t that newsworthy. We have to make sure we’re not crossing that line.

So I thought about it and here’s my top five list:

  1. Edward Snowden.
  2. The economy – nothing ever seems to change. People yelling, people accusing, end scene.
  3. Taylor Swift
  4. Anthony Weiner
  5. O.J. Simpson

What’s on your list?

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