Reader reaction to DOMA and Prop 8 decisions

Yesterday morning was a crazy time here, as we – along with millions of others – waited to hear the Supreme Court’s decisions on two important cases involving gay marriage.

Here’s what they decided, in what is seen as two major victories for gay rights:

The justices issued two 5-4 rulings in their final session of the term. One decision wiped away part of a federal anti-gay marriage law that has kept legally married same-sex couples from receiving tax, health and pension benefits.

Click here to read the complete text of the court’s opinion and dissent in the DOMA case.

The other was a technical ruling that said nothing at all about same-sex marriage, but left in place a trial court’s declaration that California’s Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. That outcome probably will allow state officials to order the resumption of same-sex weddings in the nation’s most populous state in about a month.

Readers were swift to react – on both sides of the issue. However much of it was in support of the rulings:

untitledWith the non-decision on the legality of gay marriage as a whole, this is issue is guaranteed to come up again. In my estimation, it will be soon. People are hungry to know what the highest court will rule, one way or another.

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