Daily Item Reader Photos, Spring Edition

There’s a definite spring in everyone’s step as spring is in the air!

The temperature has finally crawled above 50 and it’s time to celebrate with some spring-themed photos, courtesy of Daily Item readers.

Here’s my favorite springtime photos from the reader galleries:

"Yay!! It's Officially Spring!"  by Suzy Smith, Middleburg

“Yay!! It’s Officially Spring!”
by Suzy Smith, Middleburg

"'But I don't want to go home now'" by Tracey Woodley, Williamsport

“‘But I don’t want to go home now'” by Tracey Woodley, Williamsport

"Bluebird with amazing balance," by Kelly Martin, Northumberland

“Bluebird with amazing balance,” by Kelly Martin, Northumberland

"Sunrise Over Richfield," by Cindy Hoffman, Richfield

“Sunrise Over Richfield,”
by Cindy Hoffman, Richfield



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