Some artsy feelings…





I know that I’m no good at art – I took Photography I in college and that was enough to teach me that I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body.

But this week I found myself taking several scenic photos just for fun. They’re from a bunch of places around the Valley – and I wanted to share them with someone.

Feel free to share some critiques with me – but try not to be too harsh.


This was the sunset near my home in Danville yesterday. I wish the power lines weren’t there – but hey, I also like my electricity.


This is Rooke Chapel at Bucknell this Tuesday night – I like the way it’s lit up and very regal-standing. I also kind of like how it’s a little off-kilter.


Another Rooke shot. I like the blues in this but I wish it was tighter on Rooke.


OK – this was actually taken by my mother, but she doesn’t have a blog, and I do. anyway – the colors are great. Orange and Purple for the Danville Ironmen?



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