Gun control – What’s the answer?

Much like the debate over the  financial backing of firearms manufacturers, the debate about gun control is raging, with some people advocating for stricter gun controls, while others are saying that it’s not the guns that are the problem – it’s about treating mental illness and how entertainment glorifies violence.

Read more of my local coverage of the issue at

I posted the question on Facebook yesterday and got a bunch of responses. Here are a few:


What’s your take? Should we get tougher on guns or focus on other factors?

3 thoughts on “Gun control – What’s the answer?

  1. Enjoyed reading the dialogue you posted… What a hot-button discussion these days!! I blame the video games and the glorification of guns in the media. Gun control isn’t the answer!! But maybe changing the gun culture in America is…

    • That’s what I’m hearing from a lot of people (as you can see there). It looks like we’re going to be having some serious discussions about mental health and violence culture coming up, which hopefully will lead to some positive changes.

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