Back from vacation!

I took a couple days off last week to recharge.

It was nice – I had a great time.

But coming back after several days away can be stressful. Work doesn’t stop because you do.

So how do you come back ready to go?

Luckily the Internet has some Good tips!

Here’s some from Lifehacker.

— Don’t get overwhelmed when you return from time away—in fact, you might do yourself a favor and ignore your inbox entirely and make the rounds talking to the people you work most closely with on your first day back at the office

— Finally, take some time to relax and remember how great your vacation was. Maybe you can hang up a photo from your vacation, or bring in a memento of your trip—something to help you stay grounded and reminded that you took some great time away from work or school and had a chance to recharge. Put it front and center where you’ll see it.

— We’re also big fans of using a vacation as a logical place to start new positive habits, like trying to get out of the office at a reasonable hour every day, and scheduling your breaks and relaxation time to make sure you get them.

What do you do to make coming back from vacation easier?

One thought on “Back from vacation!

  1. Reblogged this on Suquehanna Reporting and commented:

    I know this is a repost – but as several of us are coming back from vacation today at the Daily Item – I thought it was worth revisiting.
    My trip to Las Vegas last week was amazing, but as most things in life, you’ve got to get back to reality eventually – here’s some tips how.

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