Socializing the vote

One of the most basic tenants of the American voting process is the secret ballot. No one but you and the machine has to know who you voted for – unless you tell other people, that is.

And with social media, it’s easier than ever to share that information.

Facebook had an “I voted” feature, where you could share that you voted, and even who you voted for if you so choose.Votes were registered in real time by location.

Here’s a snapshot of Pennsylvania’s graphic:

Foursquare also had a tracking feature for voters to participate in:

Did you broadcast your vote?

I tend to err on the side of not telling, just because I can’t, really. I can’t be perceived as favoring one side or the other.
Also, I don’t feel like explaining myself. I have my own reasons for the way I vote, and that’s that, in my opinion.

What do you think?

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