Best of Twitter: Hurricane Sandy photos

We spent most of the day Monday here at the Daily Item monitoring and reporting on the progression of Hurricane Sandy.

The storm wasn’t scheduled to peak in the Valley until later in the evening, but I saw some pretty amazing photos on Twitter from other places where Sandy was in full swing.

Below is a collection of some of the best photos from the day.

  1. wisashl
    RT @michellebjork: Check out this view of Sandy from space. Wow!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 08:37:38
  2. GMA
    Stunning #Sandy photo of a trampoline caught in Milford, CT power lines (via
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 11:30:43
  3. aterkel
    MT @jonathanwald: #Sandy-damaged crane on new 57th St. hi-rise dangling in wind.
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 11:39:16
  4. howlingtwirls
    Photo of streets around Penn Station. NYC bracing itself for #Sandy – good luck.
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 11:47:22
  5. goldeneagle19
    RT @TheJackBarbosa: Broad St. #Matawan #NJ #HurricaneSandy #Sandy #SandyABC7
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 11:51:01
  6. Mfresh141
    RT @JMM142: Greatest city RT @NewYorkPost: New York City never sleeps…. #hurricance #sandy #nyc
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 11:56:51

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