Bonus photo: Umbrella vs. Chainsaw

Last week I met with Ronald Lee Tanner of Turbotville to recount one of the scariest moments of his life: the day his mother’s boyfriend came after him with a chainsaw.

Long story short, Tanner successfully fended off Guy Allen Black and his chainsaw, in part using an umbrella in the back of his truck.

Tanner had the umbrella when I met with him and showed me the mangled remains of instrument. Here it is:

I would not have known what that was if he hadn’t just told me the story. It was incredible.

And it made me think: nowadays things keep getting smaller, cell phones, computers, umbrellas. We want tiny things to just pop in our pocket and carry with us.

But I don’t think my little pop up would have done much good against a chainsaw.

Sometimes, bigger is indeed better.

P.S. Everyone stay safe out there as Hurricane Sandy approaches!


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